All Natural and Handmade Skincare Products
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Hi there :-)  Thanks for visiting my shop!  My name is Hermione (aka Mionee) and I just love all things handmade!  

For several years now I’ve been making all-natural skincare products…body butters, face masks, moisturizers, etc.  My inspiration came from going through the ordeal of trying to find the right solution that will treat my eczema, nourish my excessive dry skin, and ultimately allow me to have a smooth and even skin tone.  

Mionee products are made with pure, unrefined, and organic ingredients—nothing added or removed.  They contain a blend of natural butters and oils to enrich the skin and retain moisture, and help improve skin conditions.  

I invite you to give my products a try and see if they work for you.  Each batch is handcrafted with love and care...may your experience be as positive as mine!