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Product Guide

Body Butter

  • A creamy mixture of Raw Shea Butter whipped to perfection! Shea Butter is a solid fatty oil that derives from the nuts produced by Karite trees predominantly found in Africa.  Pure Shea Butter is ultra-moisturizing and has a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that works wonders on the skin.  It aids in natural collagen production and contains oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids that protect, heal, and nourish the skin.  The Vitamin A it contains will help improve various skin conditions.  Effects of long term use include rejuvenating skin cells, preventing dryness, softening, and scar reduction.  It’s that good for you!

Directions: rub a small amount in your hand (melts quickly) and rub on your skin. Repeat as needed to cover the desired area. (available in unscented via custom order)


Face Serum

  • This serum contains a blend of natural oils, and that’s it!—all of which your skin will love! The oils will hydrate, nourish, and renew your skin cells.  Additionally, using this on a daily basis will help maintain collagen and reduce the progression of fine lines.

Directions: after cleansing your face, apply 1-2 drops in your hands and massage gently over entire face and upper neck area. Re-apply as needed.


Ambunu Leaf Herbal Shampoo

  • Our gentle and natural herbal conditioning shampoo works wonders on the hair strands. Ambunu leaf helps prevent dry scalp, provides natural saponification to thoroughly cleanse, and has enough slip to help with detangling and act as a conditioner. Compared to other herbal or ayurvedic shampoos like shikakai or amla, Ambunu is very slippery and can be used as a natural conditioner. This plant contains saponin giving it an ability to cleanse and act as an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and an emollient. Ambunu instantly detangles the hair and leaves it super soft and shiny.Formulated to strengthen, revitalize, nourish.
  • Raw African black soap, carrot seed oil, MSM powder, vitamin E and essential oils have been added to assist in optimal hair care benefits.

Directions: after cleansing your face, apply 1-2 drops in your hands and massage gently over entire face and upper neck area. Re-apply as needed.


Detox Clay Powder

  • This all natural detox clay is a must have to extract dirt and impurities. A blend of bentonite, dead sea and kaolin clay + green tea and vitamin C...this clay mix has a high concentration of minerals that will not only cleanse and draw out toxins, it will help regenerate skin tissue, reduce blemishes, even out skin tone and leave your face with a beautiful glow!  Best of all, the minerals found in this healing clay such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium provides additional nutrients to your body.  Bask in this beauty regimen that comes straight from the earth…can’t get better than that! 


Directions: mix a teaspoon of clay with a small amount of water. Add drops of water to form a thin paste. Apply to your face and leave on to dry for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off then remove with a warm and follow-up with a moisturizer or face serum.


Mango & Shea Butter Hair Pomade

  • This light-weight mango and shea butter pomade will have your hair and scalp conditioned, and help you grow healthy hair. This pomade contains key vitamins to stimulate hair follicles and blood circulation around the scalp, seal hair strands for lasting hair growth, and nutrients to promote full and stronger hair. It’s the perfect hairdressing to tame fly-aways, to moisturize and smooth your edges, and to add luster to your hair. This pomade is great for various hair types and daily use daily will help to soften and repair dry and brittle hair. (A little goes a long way)

Directions: apply pomade directly on the scalp row by bow and use fingertips to massage in circular motion. Smooth pomade over hair in sections and use it to seal the ends. A little of this pomade goes a long way, apply light amount.